Rainy Season In Indonesia: Monsoon Months

Indonesia is a big, bright and beautiful country located in Southeast Asia. It’s got a population of over 257 million (!) people and a fast-growing economy. And, it’s one of the greatest places to visit when you want to relax and make a whole lot of new (and awesome) memories. The rainy season in Indonesia has its challenges, but, in all fairness, it’s still very welcoming to tourists, not to mention the prices are pretty affordable.

The wet season starts in October and lasts all the way to April. The temperature is high, and, even though rainfall during these months is more of a heavy downpour, it only lasts for an hour or two, which gives you the rest of the day to enjoy your stay and/or go out there, see the country with your own two eyes.

Different Regions, Different Experiences

The Rainy Season In North and Central Indonesia Monsoon By MonthsNow, Indonesia is a huge country, and, say, in northern Sumatra, the rains usually start in October and last until January, while in the southern parts of the region, the pattern switches to November-February. The image above is about wet season in the north and central parts of Indonesia and the lover image illustrate climate in south regions.
The Rainy Season In Indonesia Monsoon By MonthsSulawesi is a breathtakingly gorgeous island, and you’ll experience heavy rains during June and July (keep that in mind when you start buying tickets and booking hotel rooms). Furthermore, in some regions, you won’t actually feel the difference between the “bad” and the “good” seasons.

The world-famous Bali is bright, shiny and lovely all-year-round, and that is exactly what makes it so attractive to international tourists. However, if you decide to visit one of the islands from the Nusa Tenggara region, the rainy season will “welcome” you with constant flooding and the dry season will torture you with droughts.

Yes, your experience will change drastically depending on the part of Indonesia you want to visit and the time of the year. There’s no right or wrong choice here – only you own personal taste and the thickness of your wallet.

Is The Rainy Season In Indonesia A Bad Thing?

It all depends on whether you’re an active traveler or not. The rainy season in Indonesia is famous for its muddy and partially flooded roads. It can be a big problem if you love to take long walks with your friends through the off-road.

Furthermore, if your boat is tiny and shabby, beware of the rough seas and stay away from smaller islands. Don’t be tempted by the thrill of a “bumpy ride” and stay on the island. Because you don’t want to be out there in the middle of the sea when it starts to “act up”.

In Bali and the neighboring islands, the April-September period is perfect for diving and surfing. The Jen-Feb season is awful. You should never try to “conquer the seas” during that period because, again, you might just end up getting yourself hurt (or worse).

Unfortunately, the rainy season in Indonesia is not really suited for mountain/volcano climbing. But you can still do it if you can’t imagine a trip to this country without it. The temperature will drop as you climb higher and higher. So, make sure to grab your favorite warm clothes with you.

Picking The Best Islands To Visit During The Monsoon in Indonesia

Java will impress you with the beautiful terrain, huge volcanoes, mesmerizing temples and the unusual culture. It’s considered to be one of the must-see islands in Indonesia. The rainy season here lasts during the November-March period. But it only rains in the afternoon, giving you lots of time to admire the view.

Sumatra, on the other hand, could be a bit trickier. The monsoons here are quite potent and turn the roads into a disaster. Still, it’s not a 24/7 rampage, and the sun does shine through sometimes.

Finally, Nusa Tenggara is a tropical Paradise. It is famous for its white beaches, compelling seas, fascinating birds, animals, and charming villages here and there. Much like Bali, the dry/wet seasons here are not that distinctive. The tourists have a good time in Nusa Tenggara regardless of the month or the time of the day. The rainy season in Indonesia starts in October and ends around March. While the monsoon can be aggressive, the locals get plenty of that healing sunshine, along with a blue, bright, uplifting sky.

Don’t Miss Out On A Chance To Save Some Money!

Believe it or not, the rainy season in Indonesia has several advantages for the fearless slash adventurous visitors. The benefits include less crowded tourist sites, better service, and, of course, cheaper prices.


Keep in mind that tickets, hotel rooms, attractions and food will be 20-50% cheaper during the rainy season in Indonesia. Due to the fact that you’ll be one of the few tourists to travel the country. Moreover, the locals will give you all kinds of discounts and treat you even better than during the dry season.

Some people don’t really like spending too much time on planning, thinking about the budget and stuff like that. All they want is to enjoy a nice getaway trip, and in that regard, the monsoon season is perfect. In terms the rainy season Indonesia is quite “suitable”. So, without further ado, pack your things, get your family and loved ones together and get aboard the next plane to Indonesia!

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