Rainy Season In Ibiza: Monsoon Months

It’s always bright, shiny and fun over there. There isn’t a set rainy season in Ibiza, as the island receives very little rainfall throughout the year. However, there is a small monsoon season that starts in October and ends in December

This is probably the most famous Spanish island in the world. Why? Because it’s home to the legendary town of the same name that’s wildly popular for the nightlife. The island turns into a musical Paradise during the summer and welcomes all kinds of excited tourists.

It’s Always Sunny In Ibiza

July is both the warmest and the driest month. October is the wettest; January is the coldest. The April-June period is perfect if you hate big crowds and just want to enjoy the beaches in quiet. The mild, comfy temperature in the mid-20s will be ideal for your “me time”.
Rainy Season In Ibiza Monsoon Months
June and July are extremely dry. August and September, in turn, are very hot and the average temperature reaches its peak of 30+ degrees Celsius. The water temperatures also rise (up to 27 degrees). Regardless of the time of the year, you’ll get at least 150 hours of sunshine a month, which equals 5 hours a day.

Humidity During The Rainy Season In Ibiza

But that’s the lowest number. During the May-September period, the sun will shine for 8-10 hours, if not more. The rainy season in Ibiza does cover the sun with clouds sometimes, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the sunlight even on the rainiest days.

Humidity is nothing to be concerned about on this island. It’s evened out throughout the year and hangs around the 65-75% mark. Ok, that’s pretty much it for the monsoon season in Ibiza. As you can see, different months are good for different activities. Pick a date according to your taste and enjoy your trip!

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