Rainy Season In Honolulu: Monsoon Months

The rainy season in Honolulu starts in October and lasts all the way up to January/February. The summer over there is almost rain-free, while the Sept-Oct period is when the temperatures are most enjoyable.

This is the capital of Hawaii; at the same time, it’s the state’s biggest city. Honolulu is known as one of the finest business, cultural and social centers in the United States. It’s home to numerous customs, traditions, cousins, and religions.

The Best Time For Taking A Trip

As for the average annual precipitation, you’ll be pleased to learn that you’ll get only ~450 mm of rainfall. That’s a very “modest” result for that region, which makes Honolulu a God-sent for the visitors. Overall, the temperatures in this city are pretty consistent throughout the 12 months.
Rainy Season In Honolulu Monsoon Months
The average highs hang around the 27-32 degrees Celsius mark. The lows hang around the 18-24 mark. August is the warmest time of the year; it’s also the driest one. January is the coldest month, while December is usually the wettest one.

Lots Of Sunshine During The Rainy Season In Honolulu

Regardless, the rainy season in Honolulu is shiny, bright, beautiful and warm. It rains only for a couple of hours, and, as we just mentioned, the average annual rainfall is quite low. You’ll get tons of sunshine during the June-September period (about 300 hours a month).

The humidity levels are also manageable and go as low as 60% during the dry season. The winter days are, of course, more humid, but still within reason (up to 75% in December and January). The tropical weather, the beautiful people, and the fine treats turn the rainy season in Honolulu into Heaven on Earth.

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