Rainy Season In Hong Kong: Monsoon Months

Hong Kong comes with a subtropical climate and is heavily affected by the monsoons. The summers over there are extremely hot and humid. As for the rainy season in Hong Kong, it starts in April and lasts until October. During this period, it rains almost every single day.

Do you know which month is the wettest one? August, of course. It’s “famous” for the constant heavy downpours and the scary thunderstorms. The locals always carry an umbrella or wear a rain jacket in August, because even they can’t predict the sophisticated weather patterns.

The City Stops When The Hurricanes Arrive

The nasty hurricanes also make life a bit more challenging during the rainy season in Hong Kong. The hurricanes make the city look like it’s frozen: kids at school get a couple of days off and the shop/markets close their doors.
Rainy Season In Hong Kong Months
Furthermore, you’ll see fewer people and cars on the streets. It’s best to stay in your room and read a nice book while cozied up on your couch when this happens. The officials always keep folks informed about an upcoming typhoon, so, don’t even worry about that.

The Rainy Season In Hong Kong Vs. The Dry Season

Don’t be sad: you’ll still get some sunny days during the rainy season in Hong Kong. It’s just that it might not be enough for some tourists. The city is awesome all-year-round, but the October-February period offers the best weather. It’s always sunny, warm and comfortable when the high season kicks in. Should you skip the wet months and save some more money for the dry season? It depends, actually.

Wanna save some money for your next trip and still enjoy the city? Then go with the monsoon months. Tired of the humidity, colder temperatures, and constant downpours? Then go with the high season!

Information about rainy season in China.

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