Rainy Season In Hikkaduwa: Monsoon Months

Sri Lanka is an extremely popular place for the tourists, and Hikkaduwa is a beautiful tiny town located on the coast. The rainy season in Hikkaduwa starts in March/April and lasts all the way up to November, sometimes even December.

It’s actually quite a rain-heavy town and is not very welcoming to the inexperienced visitors. May is generally the wettest month, and you should try to avoid it. October is the closest second, and you’ll probably be disappointed by the constant rainfall during these months.

The Pros And Cons Of The Rainy Season In Hikkaduwa

Meanwhile, January and February are the driest times of the year. That means you should plan your trip during the winter days. January is also the warmest month, by the way. September, in turn, is the coldest one. Combined with those nasty downpours, it’s a pretty uninviting time in Hikkaduwa.
Rainy Season In Hikkaduwa Monsoon Months
Do keep in mind, though, that the prices will be pretty high in winter and there will be a lot of tourists hanging around. And did you know that the benefits of the rainy season in Hikkaduwa include affordable prices on everything?

Low Prices And High Humidity Levels

That’s true: accommodations and tickets will be pretty cheap, and the hotels will be half-empty. So, you gotta make a choice – either enjoy the weather and pay up, or go cheap and deal with the rain. Humidity is not a big problem for the winter months and hangs around the 65% mark. However, during the rainy season in Hikkaduwa, it reaches 80%, and that can be a bit exhausting and frustrating.

As you can see, the monsoon season is challenging and requires some getting used to. But it can still be enjoyable if you know your way around the weather.

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