Rainy Season In Hawaii: Monsoon Months

This archipelago includes 8 big islands, a number of smaller ones, and seamounts. Back in the day, these islands were known to the western civilization as the “Sandwich Islands”. Thankfully, they’ve changed the name to a more suiting one. The islands were annexed by America (it was already called the US) in 1898. So, what do we know about the rainy season in Hawaii?

Generally, rainy season in the Hawaiian Islands starts in October and ends in March. But, the exact date and the patterns may vary a bit depending on the year. So because of that let’s talk about it in more detail.

Different Months, Different Weather

November is the wettest month, while August is the driest one. Now, even though it does rain every single month, the average rainfall is pretty modest. That means you’ll get only a couple of hours of rain during the day and a lot of time for sightseeing.
Rainy Season In Hawaii Monsoon Months
On average, the sun shines 9-10 hours a day, regardless of the season. The Aug-Oct period is the hottest one, and the temperature highs reach 28-29 degrees Celsius. The water temperatures, in turn, hang around the 24-27 degrees mark.

The Beauty Of The Rainy Season In Hawaii

Overall, these islands look and feel great. If you’re tired of your routine at home, a trip there will most definitely give you new experiences and memories. Pick any island you like and embark on a great new adventure.

As we just said, the rainy season in Hawaii is very much enjoyable and won’t prevent you from having fun. The nature is gorgeous, the animals/birds are rare, and the locals are nice and helpful. Get ready to be amazed by the waterfalls, the lush greenery, the delicious food and the exotic customs!

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