Rainy Season In Hainan: Monsoon Months

As the smallest province in China, Hainan is quite a popular place for the international tourists. They come from all around the world to get a taste of the culture, the traditions, and the historical landmarks. It consists of numerous islands (200 in total), with a population of 9+ million people. The rainy season in Hainan starts in July and ends in September.

June is also a bit rainy, but it’s not really a part of the wet period. August is usually the rainiest month, while December is the driest.

Temperature Averages During The Rainy Season In Hainan

July is especially warm, while January is ridiculously cold. Keep in mind that Hainan is quite a cold province, especially in winter.
Rainy Season In Hainan Monsoon Months
In the May-September period, the average temperature hangs around the 18-23 degrees. However, the late autumn-early spring period is unusually cold. The temperature drops as low as – 15 degrees Celsius! So, make sure to pack your warm sweaters and stuff if you decide to visit in the cold months. You don’t want to catch a cold on your lovely trip, do you?

Low Humidity Levels And Constant Rain

Getting back to the rainy season in Hainan, it’s worth pointing out that the average rainfall is quite low and you’ll get enough dry and sunny days even in August. Compared to the other South Asian countries/islands, it’s very enjoyable. Humidity levels are also surprisingly low and never go beyond the 65% mark. They drop as low as 45% during the dry period.

Now, even though you won’t experience any heavy downpours and/or flooding, it will rain once in two days. Yep, you’ll get +/- 15 days of rain, and that can b a big turn-off for some tourists. Four days is the monthly average for the rest of the year.

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