Rainy Season In Guatemala: Monsoon Months

In this country, the climate varies depending on the altitude. For example, on the coast, the average temperature ranges from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. However, on higher altitudes, you’ll experience much lower temperatures (about 15 degrees). As for the rainy season in Guatemala, it begins in early May and lasts all the way up to October. That’s true for the inland.

At the coast, the wet season also starts in May but lasts a bit longer – up to December. May, June, and July are the warmest months out there.

Humidity Kills The Fun

September is the coldest one on the coast, while January is the coolest month in the central regions of the country. Average humidity levels are pretty high during the rainy season in Guatemala and can reach 85%. For the majority of us, it will just feel like a minor inconvenience.
Rainy Season In Guatemala Monsoon Months
But others will sweat a lot and have difficulty breathing. It all depends on whether your body tolerates humidity or not. It goes without saying that if you come from a country with a similar climate, you’ll be alright.

Yes Or No To The Rainy Season In Guatemala?

Tourists usually try to avoid the monsoon months as they’ve got a pretty gloomy and dark picture in their heads about it. In reality, even the wettest periods provide lots of sunshine. But if you don’t care about “a lot” and want a real change of scenery compared to your home, go with the dry season.

The prices will be high, and the horde of visitors will get on your nerves. Yet, the sun will always shine and there will be almost no rain at all. Meanwhile, the rainy season in Guatemala is not particularly challenging, especially if you’re not a picky person. So, choose wisely and read our article about rainy season in the world. In many countries, it can be much milder.

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