Rainy Season In Goa: Monsoon Months

Goa is India’s pride and joy, the country’s most popular resort state that welcomes numerous excited tourists every single year. True, it looks and feels astonishing, but the weather around there is unpredictable and can be a big turn-off sometimes. The rainy season in Goa starts in June and lasts until September.

During the monsoon time, it rains almost every day during this period, and you’ll see fewer tourists around. The majority of the hotels/motels will be closed, especially the marvelous bungalows by the sea.

Picking Between The Driest And The Wettest Months

The October-May period is extremely dry, and the off-the-charts hotness and dust kill all the fun. In that regard, the monsoon season is more than welcome. July and August are the rainiest months and the rains turn into downpours that “attack” the state practically on a daily basis.
Rainy Season In Goa Monsoon Months
Keep in mind that you should stay away from the beaches, as the raging ocean might hurt you and your family. Still, you can very well enjoy the rainy season in Goa if you just program yourself to the right mood.

The Pros Of The Rainy Season In Goa

True, the humidity levels are insane, but the average temperatures never drop below 20 degrees Celsius (even during the night), and the beautiful nature comes to life.

The waterfalls, the rare birds, and animals, the exotic yoga – it will all be available to you. The rates during these months are more affordable than ever. Plus, you can walk around the streets in peace and really get to know the locals.

Keep in mind, though, that the rainy season in Goa is pretty wet and the summer months receive 450-500 mm of rainfall. If you want to know about the wet season in all India and not only in one of it states, you must read this article we prepared for you.

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