Rainy Season In Florida: Monsoon Months

Florida is known as one of the greatest American States, home to numerous historical landmarks, science, medical, musical and artistic centers, and quite a beautiful place in general. When asked about this state, people usually describe a picture-perfect beach with those tropical Miami trees, the extremely hot weather and the sexy Latin women. Many forget about Rainy Season In Florida…

Now, that’s all very true, but sometimes there’s a rainy season in Florida, and it usually lasts for five (!) months, starting in May and stretching all the way up to September/mid-October. It’s pretty wet and humid during these months and weather is a very different from the majority of USA states. So, if you’re a big fan of sun lights and comfortable temperatures, make sure NOT to visit this beautiful state on the Florida rainy season dates.

Five Months Of Rainy Season In Florida

Statistics claim that more than 60% of the annual rainfall drops from the sky during this season. Expect very frequent thunderstorms and rain – sometimes the “rampage” lasts for days without stopping.

The forecasters really love to do their public announcements and determine the exact day when the monsoon season starts. Orlando is considered to be the “luckiest” city, as it generally receives the first drops of rain early on.

The locals don’t really love the wet season (can you blame them?) and are always eagerly waiting for it to be over and the warm, dry months to kick back in. The sandy beaches and the clear-as-day skies are Florida’s pride and joy, and that’s what the tourists travel to the state for.

Florida Is Rainy During Summer; Yet, It’s Extremely Popular!

Why on Earth would you want to experience the rainy season in Florida when you’ve got enough humidity, cold temperatures, and gray skies at home, right? Well, it’s actually not that simple. It all depends on what you’re after: if the aforementioned heavenly weather is the main “pitch” for you, then forget about these five months and pick a different date.
The Rainy Season In Florida Monsoon By MonthsKeep in mind that April and November are loved and cherished for the lowest rainfall levels. June, in turn, is the most rain-heavy month, while July, August, and September are the close seconds. March, in turn, is sunny and dry, but it’s not very warm.

So, as you can see, the rainy season in Florida starts in summer and ends in the first month of autumn. At the same time, if the weather is not your biggest concern and you just want to admire the landmarks, this “bad season”, will bring a smile to your face. It suits you even if you just want to study the culture and get that whole Florida “vibe”

Now, you could think that Flo is not really popular during summer, but you’d actually be wrong. Tourists of all shapes and sizes love to come here during the worst season with their kids (because the little ones don’t have to go to school in summer). Funny, huh? May, April, and October are praised for the perfect mix of super-low rainfall and warm, comfortable temperatures, but people still forget about that and pick summer dates for their visit.

The Hurricane Season – Wet And Stormy

Ok, now that we’re familiar with the rainy season in Florida, let’s talk about the so-called hurricane season. It officially starts on the first day of summer and lasts until November 30. Tropical storms are an ordinary thing during these months. But sometimes, the Caribbean hurricane wave has little to no impact on the United States and folks enjoy a sunny and dry summer-autumn.

In general, though, the June-September period is when the state receives most of the rain. As mentioned above, May and April, along with October, are best-suited for adults with no kids. Especially if they love that famous Miami sunshine and little rain. But expect November to be pretty cold (you won’t be able to swim in the ocean, that’s for sure).

Different Places, Different Climates

It’s not that the summer here is horrible and/or it’s raining every day. But the awfully hot and humid weather might just ruin all the fun for everyone. If you still can’t pick any other month for your travel (because of your children), make sure to stick closer to the beaches.

The rainy season in Florida is, without a doubt, quite enjoyable. But it can also cause you a lot of inconvenience and frustration. Miami is pretty wet and humid in September, while October and November are a lot less dry. It all has to do with the Caribbean hurricane we just talked about. Thus, the entire east coast experiences a bad weather.

The bottom line is – if you’re beach lad/gal, May is the best month for you, while the June-August period is both hot and humid. Love the Florida Keys? Don’t go there in August-September. A big fan of the Miami beaches? Avoid going there in June-September.

Finally, don’t visit Orlando in June or August. For this city, November-May is the best period, as you’ll experience less rain and a warmer (comfortable, that is) climate. True, it might sound a bit too tricky and complicated at first time. But it’s better to spend some time on picking just the right place and time and enjoy your stay later than do it randomly and then suffer the consequences.

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