Rainy Season In Fiji: Monsoon Months

This country is famous for that hot and humid climate. The location allows Fiji to be multicultural and multireligious and offer many exotic treats to the tourists. As for the rainy season in Fiji, it starts in December and lasts all the way up to April.

The average daily temperature during that period is 30-35 degrees Celsius (24-27 degrees at night). The tropical storms and hurricanes cause heavy downpours that result in flooding.

Going Cheap Vs. Paying Up

Keep in mind that most of the precipitation falls in the mountainous areas. Make sure to pick a hotel room elsewhere if you wanna avoid the rain and not embrace it. It’s safe to say that the frustrating climate can and will turn your trip to this place into a disappointment. But only if you let it.
Rainy Season In Fiji Monsoon Months
For an experienced tourist, it won’t be a problem to figure out the patterns of the rainy season in Fiji and adjust to them. It rarely rains all day long, meaning you’ll get to go out there and enjoy the country without an umbrella in your hands.

Tips For The Rainy Season In Fiji

A quick fact: in terms of low humidity levels, Yasawa and the Mamanuca Islands are the champs. On the other hand, if you hate the rain, visit Fiji in the high season – May-October. You’ll get a lot more sunlight during that period and a lot less rain, which is a win-win. But just remember that the prices will also go up and you’ll have to wait in line more often.

Alright, so is the rainy season in Fiji worth giving it a shot or not? It is if you know your way around the rain. If not, well, you’d better off paying more but worrying less. And that’s pretty much it for the monsoon season in this magical country. For information about the wet season in other territories, please check the main article.

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