Rainy Season In Egypt: Monsoon Months

The ancient pyramids are, without a doubt, the biggest magnet for tourists in Egypt, but the country has a lot more to offer. This is one of those places that look amazing all-year-round and rely heavily on the tourist flow. The rainy season in Egypt lasts only for three months – from December to February.

The temperatures during the wet period drop, but not significantly. So, please, do not worry very much about winters cold. Because you’ll still feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders a lot.

Rainy Nights And Cold Evenings

Downpours are a common thing in this country and it usually rains during the night. Sometimes, you’ll experience short rains during the day, but they won’t ruin the fun (just postpone your outdoor plans for a couple of hours).
Rainy Season In Egypt Monsoon By Months
As for the water temperature, it’s comfortable enough for you to swim and even take a dive. Keep in mind, though, that the evenings in Egypt are kinda cold, so, make sure to pack your favorite warmer clothes to enjoy your evening walks. Basically, the rainy season in Egypt is an awesome opportunity to embrace the beautiful culture and the calming climate.

Praise For The Rainy Season In Egypt

You’ll be able to do some sightseeing, taste the local food (it’s delicious), get yourself tanned on the beaches and save tons of money. Yes, the low season offers incredible discounts on everything, and you’ll be able to book a great hotel room for half the price.

It’s safe to say that the rainy season in Egypt is a God-sent and even the wettest months have an average of 40 mm of precipitation. Surprise your family/loved ones with a couple of hot tickets and dive into the world full of majestic new experiences!

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