Rainy Season In Ecuador: Monsoon Months

The rainy season in Ecuador starts in January/February and lasts all the way up to mid-May. October is also a wet month; the rest of the year enjoys a dry weather. However, the humidity levels aren’t that favorable.

Ecuador is located in South America and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west. This country used to be home to numerous tribes that were later grouped together by the famous Inca Empire. Today, Spanish is the official language; still, there are 13 ancient languages that folks use.

What Is The Rainy Season In Ecuador All About?

For example, in Quito, humidity reaches 85% most of the year. It does drop to 65% during the July-Sept period, though. The capital is not the hottest place in Ecuador and comes with a mild temperature (for the region, of course).
Rainy Season In Ecuador Monsoon Months
The average temperature highs reach 20 degrees Celsius. At the same time, it can be as “cold” as 10 degrees. Again, for a South American country, that’s a below average temperature. January, by the way, is the warmest month. So, if you love to get a tan, pick a date during January. May and July are the coldest times of the year. July is also the driest.

It’s Always Sunny And Rainy In Ecuador

Finally, April is the wettest month. But, in general, the rainy season in Ecuador is very much enjoyable. The July-September period will give you 200 hours of sunshine a month. The rest of the time, 150 hours are guaranteed. The only downside is that on average, it rains 15 days a month, and that’s a bit of a disappointment.

Ecuador is not a very big country; yet, the climate varies greatly depending on the altitude. The tropical coastal areas are hot and humid; the mountains are nice and mild. The lowlands are home to regular downpours. So, pick a place you like and get your traveling mood on!

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