Rainy Season In Dominican Republic: Monsoon Months

The Dominican Republic is one of those places that are equally exciting and rewarding all-year-long. The never-ending festivals, celebrations, and attractions are an essential part of this happy country. The rainy season in Dominican Republic starts in May and lasts all the way up to September.

You’ll experience short, yet heavy rains for a couple of hours every day. It usually rains at night or in the evening. Probably the greatest thing about the monsoon season in DR is that even if you find yourself in the middle of the street when it starts to rain, you won’t catch a cold.

Above Average Temperatures Year-Round

The thing is – the water coming down from the sky will be pouring, but it will also be warm and refreshing. The Sep-Nov period during the rainy season in Dominican Republic is the wettest one, with early May being the closest second. You can find similarities in the behavior of monsoon with some other countries in Caribbean region.
Rainy Season In Dominican Republic Monsoon By Months
But that doesn’t mean the temperatures will be uncomfortable. Twenty-five degrees Celsius is the daily minimum, with August being the hottest month of the year. On the bright side, the beaches look splendid during this month. Plus, the colder Ocean winds drop the temperature when it gets dark.

The Pros Of The Rainy Season In Dominican Republic

The Hurricanes are a regular thing in Dominican Republic, and they usually start in mid-August. But, in all fairness, they don’t cause much inconvenience.

The biggest benefits of the rainy season in Dominican Republic are the low prices for accommodation (and the tickets) and the beautiful nature that comes to life after the first heavy rains. And finally, the sea temperatures never go below 22-23 degrees (Celsius).

A great time to visit for the surfers and divers. So, if you do not fear water – please welcome.

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