Rainy Season In Cuba: Monsoon Months

Cuba is not a tricky country and comes with two distinctive seasons – the dry one (winter) and the wet one (summer). The rainy season in Cuba usually begins around May and lasts until October. These months receive +/- 75 percent of the annual precipitation.

At the same time, you’ll still have the sun to warm you up and give you that tan. In fact, Cuba has 320-340 sunny days a year! The biggest downside of the monsoon season is the high humidity that’s accentuated by the super-high temperatures (up to 30 degrees Celsius).

Above-Average Temperatures And Plenty Of Sunlight

Get ready for regular downpours in the afternoon. Thankfully, the sun always comes up afterward and the sky clears up. So, if you were worried that the rainy season in Cuba would prevent you from sightseeing, don’t be.
Rainy Season In Cuba Monsoon Months
The temperatures at night drop to 22-23 degrees – that means you won’t have to pack your warm clothes. The thunderstorms and hurricanes won’t cause any real trouble, but they do look pretty scary. The Nov-May period is the high season; the tourist flow increases dramatically during that time.

The Rainy Season In Cuba – The Pros

But, as a general rule, the rates go up – on everything. One more time: the rainy season in Cuba will make sure you have up to eight hours of sun on a daily basis. And the heavy downpours will only hit the country in the afternoon.

The temperatures are more than comfortable, and the prices are affordable. What else is there to wish for, right? Folks don’t usually visit exotic countries in summer because the climate at home is OK. Yet, that’s a big mistake. Nothing compares to the beauty of the monsoon season in Cuba!

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