Rainy Season In Costa Rica: Monsoon Months

Without a doubt, the rainy season in Costa Rica is a God-sent. The weather is wonderful, and there’s so much to do and to enjoy. It is not like in many other countries. The locals call it the “harvest time”, and that’s when the grass, the flowers, and the trees start to flourish.

This tropical, wet season kicks in May and lasts all the way up to November. During this period, tourism is not really that popular, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have tons of fun! If you’re an eco-friendly person and love the smell of the rain and exciting adventures into the jungle, then this country is for you.

The rainforest during the rainy season in Costa Rica is truly marvelous – it’s lush, extra-green and mysterious. You won’t get any of that if you fly in during the “expensive season”.

Consistency Throughout The Country

Now, one of the biggest advantages of the wet months in Costa Rica, as compared to the other countries/regions, is that it’s pretty consistent. If it rains in your neighborhood, rest assured that it also rains on the other side of Costa Rica.

That’s really convenient, especially for planning nice walks and all kinds of other fun activities with your family. On the other hand, if you’re a sucker for driving, the wet season will be a great challenge.

There aren’t a lot of bridges here, and the floods will ruin your otherwise awesome road trip. Still, if you hire a professional, they’ll show you just the right routes for staying out of trouble.

The First Month In The Rainy Season In Costa Rica

Did you know that they call May the “shoulder season” over there? Yep, that’s right – sounds kinds right, doesn’t it? During May, the weather is quite unpredictable, so, stay sharp.
Rainy Season In Costa Rica Monsoon By MonthsThe rainy season in Costa Rica officially begins in the 20th-25th of May. A quick tip: the coast is where the rainfall starts, and that region is the wettest one over there. The beaches are still warm and comfy. In general, May is a pretty rainy month, but not the worst one one, and you’ll get to enjoy low-season prices (that means awesome discounts and better service).

But some hotels will charge you like it’s still the high-season :). Sunny days are not rare, and the temperatures are above average.

Picking The Best Month To Visit

June is when things get serious. The downpours usually fall in the afternoon and/or evening (sometimes it rains during the night). Still, there’s enough sunshine to get a tan and to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

As for the prices, June is still a bit tricky and you’ll have to switch a couple of hotels before you strike a satisfying deal. And, the roads might get ruined.

July is one of the weirdest months in CR, but it does get about three almost-dry weeks. That’s not true for every part of the country, though (Guanacaste will be among the driest places).

August might be the greatest time to visit, as the low prices take over and the tourist numbers fade. September is extremely wet, especially on the west coast. The mornings will be shiny, but watch out for the wet afternoons.

Same goes for October. These two months are the worst ones during the rainy season in Costa Rica. Some attractions will be closed, while the constant rain and the high humidity levels will drive you nuts. On the other hand, prices will be ridiculously low!

And finally, November is something of a dark horse. There’s still plenty of rain, but the monsoon season starts to wear off and the dry, sunny, beautiful weather takes place.

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