Rainy Season In Colombia: Monsoon Months

Colombia comes with a tropical climate in the eastern regions and along the mighty coast. Yet, the highlands are much colder. The first rainy season in Colombia starts in March and lasts all the way up to May. The second one stretches from September to November. The Dec-March period is considered to be the best one for the tourists.

This is a big, diverse, multi-cultural country, a paradise for the tourists. With a total population of over 48 million, it’s one of the finest places to visit in South America.

Picking The Best Month For A Visit

You’ll get to enjoy the beautiful weather and the numerous attractions/festivals in Dec-March. July and August are also quite pleasing. Keep in mind, dear reader, that August is the coldest month, while January is the warmest one (it’s also the driest time of the year).
Rainy Season In Colombia Monsoon Months
October and April, in turn, are pretty rainy. You should avoid them. Yes, you will get to save a significant amount of money on the accommodations, but you might be disappointed with the humidity. Now, even during the rainy season in Colombia, you’ll still get enough sunshine to feel like you’re in a tropical country.

The Perks Of The Rainy Season In Colombia

The average amount of rainfall is actually low for South America. And that makes Colombia a very attractive pick for the tourists.

The climate is mild and comfortable. As for the humidity levels, they’re hanging around the 65% mark most of the year. During the Oct-Nov period humidity peaks at 80% usually. This situation is really frustrating for some folks (but still OK for most of us). Summing up, it’s safe to say that the rainy season in Colombia is quite alright.

You won’t be stuck on the roads or have to spend your days locked up in the hotel room. Go out there and enjoy the country!

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