Rainy Season In China: Monsoon Months

China is a big, multifarious country with ancient traditions and customs. It’s home to three climate zones, which allows the tourists to experience them all without even reaching the borders. The rainy season in China is pretty long, and it’s quite challenging, especially for the inexperienced visitors.

So, before taking a trip there, make sure to learn about all the downsides of the wet period. It goes without saying that the different climate zones are, well, different. The low season starts in April and lasts all the way up to late September.

Different Regions, Different Climates

Now, depending on the part of the country that you travel to, you’ll experience significant differences in the temperatures, humidity levels, and, obviously, rainfall levels.
Rainy Season In China Monsoon Months
Generally, the season begins in the south and slowly moves to the north (in July). The eastern part of the country receives rain only in May, or even as late as June.

The rainy season in China is one of the most unpredictable ones on the planet. Sometimes, you’ll get to enjoy relatively sunny days with little rain. Other times it will be pouring day after day.

The Hidden Dangers Of The Rainy Season In China

Nobody can predict what will happen the next day. You also need to remember that the monsoon season in China is very dangerous and requires you to always be cautious and careful. People die every year because of flooding.

So, don’t be compelled by the attractive ticket and hotel prices. It’s always better to pay a bit more cash but know that you and your family will be safe.

The rainy season in China is, actually, one of the worst ones out there. Unless you have no other choice but to travel there during the wet months, it would be best to avoid them. Look the general information about monsoon – maybe it will be better to choose another country to visit?

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