Rainy Season In Cebu: Monsoon Months

This island is a big part of the Philippines. The city of the same name is the second-biggest in the country and the most ancient one. With a total population of 4.1 million people, Cebu is a mighty industrial center. The rainy season in Cebu starts in June and ends in December, stretching for seven full months.

The rest of the year is a lot less rainy. The Dec-Feb period comes with a nice mild temperature – keep that in mind when planning your trip. September is the wettest month, while April is the driest one.

Getting The Most Out Of The Rainy Season In Cebu

It’s very hot in May; January is the coolest time of the year. Pick a date according to your preferences and your wallet. If you can’t imagine your stay without big discounts and half-empty streets, go with the monsoon months. On the other hand, if you hate the rain and just want to enjoy your trip without any hassle and frustration, go with the dry months.
Rainy Season In Cebu Monsoon Months
Humidity is one of the biggest concerns for the tourists. The thing is – it’s always at 80%, regardless of the season and/or month. It does drop to 75% during the mid-March-May period, but that’s still not exactly low.

Above Average Temperatures All-Year-Round

On the brighter side, you can forget about your warmer clothes and pack only shorts and t-shirts. The temperature is always sky-high. The peaks reach 33 degrees Celsius, while the lows never go lower than 23 degrees. Mixed with the high humidity levels, it can cause inconveniences for some people.

The rest of us, however, will feel like we’re living in Paradise – at least for a moment. The rainy season in Cebu is not the most amazing one out there, but it’s still a lot more fun than in most Asian and American islands/cities.

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