Rainy Season In Caribbean: Monsoon Months

Believe it or not, the Caribbean consists of 5K+ (that’s five thousand!) islands, reefs, and beautiful beaches. Now, depending on where you decide to go, you’ll be welcomed with an awesome experience. Why not? The sun is warm, humidity levels are low, and there’s almost no rain. Or you’ll be welcomed a big-time disaster. Rainy Season In Caribbean usually includes thunderstorms, downpours, and insanely high humidity levels when

Our focus today will be on the rainy season in Caribbean, but we’ll also talk a bit about the rest of the months and all the pros/cons. It’s worth mentioning that the av.temp during daytime is around 25-27. It doesn’t really change drastically over the period of time, going up or down only a few degrees.

Rainy Season In Caribbean – What To Avoid

At the same time, the monsoons here is anything but predictable. As a general rule, if you want to avoid the rain and enjoy the sun and clear, bright sky make sure NOT to visit the Caribbean during the scary hurricane season. It starts June 1st and lasts up until December 1st.

If you don’t want to get into all the details, just try to remember the following tips. Curaçao, Aruba, and, of course, Bonaire are best suited for the sun fans. It is because they have the least rain in the region. April, June, and July are considered to be one of the best months for tourists. They provide the best mix of comfy temps and record-low rainfall levels. Did you notice that we skipped May? That’s because it’s known for being pretty wet and humid in most of the countries/islands.

Picking The Best Month To Take A Trip

And what about the rainy season in Caribbean and the worst months? Sep-Oct is traditionally the “baddest” period to take a trip to this otherwise beautiful place. It is because storms, hurricanes and lightning strikes won’t allow you to get the full Caribbean experience.
The Rainy Season In Caribbean Monsoon By Months
So, with that said, what’s the best time to leave home behind and travel to this region? January through April, of course. And it’s safe to say that pretty much every island will be equally enjoyable. Low risk of rain, extremely comfy temperatures, and all the festivals, attractions and fun activities you could think of.

These months are great for excursions and, say, climbing up a mountain with your friends and family. The water is usually cool for swimming in Jan-Feb.

True, May is a bit warmer than April, but, some countries will also have more rain and humidity. You’ll have to pick the month based on your own preferences and goals. The rainy season in Caribbean is triggered by the aforementioned hurricane season that’s famous for the epic tropical storms.

Some of these islands suffer the most and are “attacked” by heavy rains and winds. During the late spring-fall season, the storms originate in the Atlantic and move towards the Caribbean, stretching even further and touching Canada and sometimes Europe.

Generally, the stormy season brings 12-15 major storms, 4-5 of which turn into hurricanes. It starts quite lazy, builds during the summer and reaches its peak in September. That is exactly why tourists don’t really love to visit the Caribbean this month – the hurricane is a pretty scary thing!

The Best Month To Visit The Caribbean Is…

Ok, let’s have a quick look at the 12 months and see which ones suit us best. In January, the average temperature here is, without a doubt, warmer than in America (and, obviously, Canada).

The Cayman Islands and St. Lucia are the warmest places. Bahamas are the coolest, with 2-3 inches of rain per month. The water is cold, so, don’t even think about swimming. February is pretty much the same in terms of temperature and precipitation.

March, in turn, is one of the finest and most popular months for the fans of exotic getaways. It’s famous for comfy temperatures and a much drier atmosphere. April is also great for visiting. However, in Puerto Rico and San Juan, you’ll get six inches of rainfall. Not perfect for a long stay, but OK for a week-long trip.

We already mentioned that May is quite rain-heavy. But if you go to Aruba, you’ll be amazed by how dry it is. For the Bahamas and Costa Rica, June is a disappointing month. On the other hand, if record-high temperatures are your cup of tea, check out the Cayman Islands (along with Cozumel).

July is when the hurricane comes to life. But Jamaica and Dominican are still quite awesome at this time.

August-November Of The Rainy Season In Caribean – Are Worst!

August is definitely not the best month, while September is the worst. If you must travel to the Caribbean in September, at least go to the Dominican Republic, because it’s warm. October is no better. November is a big improvement; at the same time, the temperature will start to decline. Go to Barbados or Jamaica if you wanna have some real fun.

Finally, in December, the hurricane goes away, but it takes the warmth away with it. Usually, tourists start to fly in this month, as they’re trying to run away from the harsh winter in their countries. Ok, that’s pretty much it for the rainy season in Caribbean. We hope that you learned something useful from this article. Stay tuned for more!

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