Rainy Season In Cancun: Monsoon Months

As far as popular Christmas/holiday resorts in Mexico go, this city is definitely on the “most-wanted” list. Thousands of tourists visit this beautiful place every year to enjoy the heavenly climate and the fascinating nature. The rainy season in Cancun starts in May and lasts all the way up to October.

It’s actually a bit hotter (and more humid) than the dry months. And, obviously, it receives a lot more rainfall. Generally, the city gets 1.2/1.3K mm of rain a year, and about 80/90% of it falls during the wet season.

Rainy, Yet Still Warm

Now, because of the constant downpours, the city is less popular during this time, which means two things. First, there will be fewer tourists hanging around. Second, accommodation and tickets will be a lot more accessible (and affordable). It’s a matter of choice, and nobody can make the right decision for you.
Rainy Season In Cancun Monsoon Months
If you hate regular rains and above-average humidity levels, then the rainy season in Cancun is not an option for you. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget and don’t really mind the regular yet short rain, consider picking a date during the monsoon season.

Lots Of Sunshine During The Rainy Season In Cancun

By the way, the average temperature during the low months is 27-28 degrees Celsius. August is the hottest month, while September is the rainiest one. Watch out for those nasty thunderstorms and keep up with the forecasts to adjust your walks in the parks and sightseeing with the unpredictable weather. So, the weather in Cancun can be very similar to the Mexico weather in general.

Now, the summer months are the “sunniest” ones you’ll get up to 11 (!) hours of sunshine a day (the July-August period). June and September are very cloudy, so, make sure to plan your trip wisely. That way, you’ll enjoy the sun and still save some bucks for your next trip.

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