Rainy Season In Canary Islands: Monsoon Months

It’s almost impossible to predict the weather on the Canary Islands. In some parts, it might be raining, while in the other ones, you might be enjoying a sunny day. There isn’t a rainy season in Canary Islands per se: it’s always sunny and relatively dry over there.

The average annual temperatures never go below the 20 degrees Celsius mark, which ensures a nice, comfy stay for you. The locals don’t actually know the difference between autumn and winter. Tenerife is the biggest of all the islands, and it comes with a mild subtropical climate.

Nasty Winds And Lots Of Snow In Canary Islands

The wettest month on Tenerife is January (December is the closest second).The locals love the short rainy period, as it turns the Islands into a green heaven. Now, despite the fact that it’s always warm on Tenerife the northern parts are famous for the nasty winds and even snow!
Rainy Season In Canary Islands Months
The average winter temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. You might call it the rainy season in the Canary Islands. Still, the water is always warm, and the tourists can relax and chill pretty much any time of the year.

Plenty Of Fun During The Rainy Season In Canary Islands

With that said, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that these islands are always full of visitors. Folks come here during the summer break and the cold winter days.

Again, make sure to stay away from the northern parts of Tenerife, because the winds will spoil your trip. Besides, the over-the-top humidity levels aren’t good for your health. So, to sum up, it’s safe to say that you won’t be disappointed with the so-called rainy season in Canary Islands. It’s always sunny and comfortable, regardless of the month.

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