Rainy Season In Cambodia: Monsoon Months

Asia is a pretty diverse, versatile and sophisticated region in terms of the weather. But when it comes to Cambodia, everything is pretty simple and straightforward. You’ve got only two distinct seasons there – wet and dry. And you can still enjoy it even when it starts to pour like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s talk about┬áRainy Season In Cambodia.

Overall, the entire country’s weather has the same patterns. If it rains, say, in the south, it will, most likely, rain in the north. That’s because the altitude and latitude there can’t boast any significant peaks and dips.

The dry season stretches from October to April. The rainy season in Cambodia starts in May and lasts until the end of September (sometimes mid-October). The March-April period is a bit tricky. When you’ll experience noticeable changes in the air and the humidity level will rise leading up to the much-feared monsoon season.

Above Average Temperatures All-Year-Long

In fact, humidity at its highest during these two months. So, if you’ve got a problem with it, we would strongly recommend not to visit Cambodia during this period. As a general rule, the first months of the monsoon are the hottest and the temperature throughout the country reaches (and sometimes even exceeds) 35 degrees Celsius (that’s pretty hot, in case you were wondering).

As for the coolest months of the year, the Oct-Dec period is the champ. At the same time, you gotta understand that the word “cool” means two different things in an average European city/American state and in Cambodia.

The temperature in this beautiful country rarely if ever drops lower than 23-24 degrees Celsius. And that is exactly why the tourists prefer to leave their homes during the holidays and go to Cambodia – to enjoy the comfy climate and admire the view. Can’t blame them for that, now can you?

May-July are The Golden Middle For You

So, where does the mighty monsoon come from? It comes from the southwest and consumes the peninsula for six months. Now, when the rainy season arrives in Cambodia, the average daytime temp. fluctuates between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius, with the May-July period being extremely hot and receiving moderate rainfall that usually comes in the form of short-yet-strong downpours, giving the visitors more than enough time to leave their rooms and go out for a walk.
The Rainy Season In Cambodia Monsoon By MonthsThese three months are considered to be the best for the tourists that want to save some money (a lot, actually) on the tickets, hotels, and food and still enjoy the country’s beautiful weather, nature, culture, and famous spots. On the other hand, the July-September period is famous for the increased amounts of rain: it’s both heavy and long.

The Rainy Season In Cambodia As A Great Exotic Experience

A quick tip: the rural and the coastal parts of Cambodia are the wettest, so, make sure not to go there during the rainy season. Furthermore, taking a trip to, say, Mondulkiri & Ratanakiri might prove to be impossible. It is because the roads will become useless, and the local authorities don’t really encourage the visitors to travel to the north east.

On the bright side, a journey into the monsoon jungles of Cambodia might turn into an unforgettable trip for you. With the annoying dust gone and the trees/bushes/grass growing at an incredible speed, you’ll get the true Cambodian experience. It will be completely opposed to the beautiful-yet-regular hotel rooms, parks, beaches and such.

Traveling Through The Jungle On A Boat – Priceless

Are you courageous enough to leave your cozy bed behind and head into the countryside? Then Angkor Wat is where you should go because it looks especially gorgeous during the rainy season in Cambodia.

The rainy season in Cambodia is perfect for these kinds of adventures: get on a boat and enjoy the lush, flooded forests, the villages, and the people. What could be better than this? As a matter of fact, you should persuade all of your friends/family members to join you in this madness and head into the perilous yet fascinating jungle.

At the end of the day, life-defining experiences and awesome memories are essentially why we spend our money, time and energy on these trips, right?

More Festivals Than You Can Handle in Cambodia

Some folks really love to attend the local national festivals, attractions. And “happy days”, and we’re pleased to report that you’ll get enough ceremonies and festivals throughout the year. Oh, and by the way, New Year in Cambodia falls between the 13th and 18th of April. So, don’t forget to celebrate! November 9th is the Independence Day, one of the most important days of the year. And there are countless other holidays, parties and events to keep you up all night.

Ok, that’s about it for the rainy season in Cambodia. August and September are traditionally the wettest months of the year. But, as we just discussed, that might just be the right climate for you if you’re not afraid to get a little dirty and sweaty. Pick a date you like, book a room at your favorite hotel and have some fun!

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