Rainy Season In California: Monsoon Months

California, one of the finest American states, is not really known for long and tense wet seasons, but this year, we’re looking at a second-best result in history. That’s right – the rainy season in California in 2017 was mighty strong: March was kinda dry, but the October 2016 – March 2017 season was still quite impressive (with 30.75 inches of rain – precipitation, to be exact – on average).

But let’s talk about the state’s monsoon season in general. It is much different from the rest USA territory. Now, the most populated American state is also the third largest. And is famous for quite a diverse weather that includes the heavenly beaches with tropical trees. And there a lot of hot sun lights along with snowy regions.

As we usually like to say, the best time to visit Cali depends on your personal expectations, taste, and what you’re planning on doing.

The summers here are warm and dry and folks walk around in their underwear 24/7. The winters, in turn, are not extreme, but they’re pretty wet and humid. Negative temperatures are a rare thing here, but it does get cold during winter. You’ll get more snow at higher altitudes, followed by a really warm and nice spring.

The fans of snowmen will definitely be pleased to know that they can build them in one of the hottest American states! So, what does that mean for the tourists who want to visit this beautiful state?

Enjoy The Heat During The Rainy Season in California

Most visitors take a trip to Cali in summer (June-August, that is). It is because the weather is bright and beautiful during those three months. However, the summer season will welcome you with “hordes” of people and pretty steep prices on rent, attractions, food, etc.
The Rainy Season In California Monsoon By MonthsThe March-May period is considered to be the best for visiting the state, as the temperature is cooler and the air is fresh. Besides, you’ll get better deals and all kinds of discounts, not to mention the tourist flow will drop significantly.

As for the rainy season in California, people don’t really understand that you’ll get to save even more money on the tickets/hotels/food when the monsoon kicks in and still enjoy what the state has to offer. It’s a bit tricky to “capture” it, as 9 days out of 10 are dry there. Locals only get a total of 1/1, 5 months of measurable precipitation.

The spring-fall season is usually extremely dry and you won’t get a single drop of rain. On the other hand, the monsoon is like a God-sent in terms of “beating” wildfires, not to mention the grass/trees/vegetables wait for it like it’s a miracle.

California Is A Contradictory State

Cali is home to many storms, and sometimes, the most severe ones can cause all kinds of cataclysms, including heavy rains that cause mudslides. The aforementioned October-March period is pretty dangerous (that’s the rainy season In California). But it’s also attractive in terms of lower prices on everything. People don’t usually visit this state for the monsoon. So, the considerable drop in pricing shouldn’t come to you as a surprise.

The constant storms, the slippery roads, the messed up beaches. There is nothing to like, right? On the other hand, there is still plenty to enjoy in California during the monsoon season. And that includes the landmarks, the culture, the awesome festivals, and more. The only question that you gotta answer is whether it’s all worth it or not?

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