Rainy Season In Brazil: Monsoon Months

The rainy season in Brazil starts in October and lasts all the way up to March. April, in turn, is what they call a “transitional month” – you’ll still get tons of festivals, but the cooler temperatures and high humidity levels are pretty challenging.

By the way, it’s usually the rainiest month, but not always. In Brazil, the weather really like to act up. It all depends on the year, actually, and sometimes it starts to rain during the summer months. Say, in June, some of the fun activities and major events won’t be available to the tourists; on the other hand, there will be less rain than ever (if you’re lucky).

Numerous Opportunities In Brazil

In November, you’ll enjoy lower prices on everything and fewer tourists hanging around. Plus, the humidity levels will drop significantly December is the driest month. In January, you’ll get to check out the waterfalls and the lush greenery.
Rainy Season In Brazil Monsoon By Months
Overall, if you love low prices on accommodation (who doesn’t, right?) and aren’t that afraid of the rain and/or lower temperatures, the rainy season in Brazil will be a great time for you. Generally, the rains in this country are quite unpredictable, so, grab your favorite rain jacket/poncho even during the high season.

Enjoying The Rainy Season In Brazil

The temperatures in this gorgeous country are always high, and both the high and the dry season are quite popular with the tourists, especially from Europe. It’s got that special vibe, that unique atmosphere that folks really love to experience.

The rainy season in Brazil is hot, humid, and comes with occasional flooding, but that won’t ruin all the fun. Unless you let it, of course :). Nothing compares to taking a trip to the gorgeous Brazilian waterfalls and taking a selfie with your best friends. After all, moments like these are the main reason why we spend our money, time and energy on traveling!

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