Rainy Season In Borneo: Monsoon Months

Did you know that Borneo is one of the biggest islands in the world? That’s true, and it’s also bright, beautiful, and mesmerizing. The lush nature (they say the forests are 130m years old!) and the heavenly beaches will make you go speechless fall in love with it. The rainy season in Borneo usually starts in November and ends in February, sometimes in March.

It’s extremely hot and humid, which can be a big turn-off for most tourists. On the other hand, the average temperature on the island is 27-32 degrees Celsius. You must remember when you planning a trip, that the Borneo is divided between three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei

Extremely High Water Temperatures

And the rain is something of a remedy for the heat. Besides, it doesn’t usually rain all day long – only for a couple of hours during the night. Keep in mind that in Sabah, the monsoon season lasts all the way up to the middle of spring.
Rainy Season In Borneo Monsoon Months
During that time, the water temperatures reach 30 degrees. Again, the rainy season in Borneo usually comes with heavy yet short downpours that won’t bother you that much. Furthermore, the clean air will feel amazing early in the morning and fill you up with energy.

Learning To Love The Rainy Season In Borneo

The humidity levels are a whole another story, and if it’s bad for your health, don’t even think about visiting. For the rest of us, the wet months are not that big of a challenge. Plus, the significant drop in rates on tickets/rooms/food justifies it all. You can swim, dive, surf, do as much sightseeing as you want and still save some money.

One last thing: the local nature is unique in many ways, and it’s best to enjoy during the rainy season in Borneo when the whole island looks like it was born again.

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