Rainy Season In Boracay: Monsoon Months

Boracay is famous for the tropical climate, the lush, beautiful greenery, and the amazing people. The average temperature there fluctuates around 30 degrees Celsius, with humidity reaching 75-80%. The rainy season in Boracay usually starts in June (early-mid) and lasts all the way up to October, while the Nov-May period is the dry season. It is not common for the rest of Philippines territories.

As far as the hottest months go, April and May are the obvious champs, while the Dec-Jan period is the coolest one. It’s a matter of personal taste: if you love the heat, go for spring.

High Temperatures And Predictable Rain Patterns

On the other hand, if lower temperatures suit you best, winter would be the right pick. Regardless of the month you choose, the temperature in Boracay is always higher than average. Now, May and December are a bit wet, but, compared to the rainy season in Boracay, they’re pretty dry.
Rainy Season In Boracay Monsoon By Months
So, which one’s the rainiest month? October, dear tourists, so, make sure NOT to visit this beautiful place unless you absolutely have to. You’ll still get to have some fun, but not nearly as much as, say, in August (which is still the wet season).

Getting The Most Out Of The Rainy Season In Boracay

As we like to say, play it smart and don’t let the scary myths or the compelling offers trick you. Some folks really love to spend a lot of money on their trips and always visit during the dry, high, and expensive season. But others like to travel during the not-so-dramatic monsoon months to save some bucks. And hey – the word “dry” doesn’t mean that it won’t rain, in March or May.

The rain patterns are quite predictable: it rains in the morning/evening and gives you time to go out there and enjoy the island. Finally, most of the restaurants, nightclubs, attractions, and festivals will be available to you during the rainy season in Boracay. So, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

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