Rainy Season In Bolivia: Monsoon Months

Winter in this country is the dry season, and it runs from May to October (yep, it’s slightly different than in America and Europe). Generally, this is the best time to travel but beware of the “hordes” of tourists and high-season prices on everything. As for the rainy season in Bolivia, it starts in November and ends in March – that period is called summer over there.

In the Amazon jungle, you will get stuck behind the wheel; the only means of transportation are your legs – even bikes can’t get through. Significant parts of the country get flooded and the roads turn into a muddy mess.

Humidity, Heat, And Nasty Mosquitoes – The Usual

On the other hand, nothing’s stopping you from renting a boat and taking an awesome trip through the rivers. The biggest problems during the otherwise pretty compelling rainy season in Bolivia are the nasty mosquitoes. But do not forget about the at, and the insanely high humidity levels.
Rainy Season In Bolivia Monsoon By Months
The lowlands receive more precipitation than the highlands, by the way. You’ll even get to drive around if you choose to leave the lowlands behind. Still, hiking and mountain climbing are not really the best ideas during the monsoon season.

The Beauty Of The Rainy Season In Bolivia

One thing is certain: the monsoon season turns Bolivia into a beauty, as the wildflowers flourish and the gloomy mountains turn green. If you’re a fan of photography and beautiful landscapes, this would be the best time for you to visit, as the magical sceneries will leave you speechless.

In fact, this country is still a mystery, even to the tourists that love visiting South America; so, don’t miss out on a chance to be amazed! The rainy season in Bolivia comes with torrential downpours, troubles on the roads, and lightning strikes. If you welcome challenges and want the true Bolivian experience, grab a ticket and enjoy!

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