Rainy Season In Bhutan: Monsoon Months

AKA The Kingdom of Bhutan, this is one of the tiniest countries with a population of 742K. Located in South Asia, it’s both hot and humid. Fun fact: no world power has ever colonized this country – it’s been independent for ages! This is a peaceful and welcoming place both for the tourists and the businessmen. As for the rainy season in Bhutan, it starts in early June and ends in October.

In summer you’ll experience heavy downpours that often come with thunderstorms. In April and May, the average temperature reaches its peak of 40 degrees Celsius.

The Cons Of The Rainy Season In Bhutan

The total annual rainfall is quite impressive and hangs around the 2K mark. During the summer, the constant downpours turn the roads into a muddy mess. That will make it a little difficult for you to drive around and admire the view. And, the clouds gather around and cover the mountain peaks.
Rainy Season In Bhutan Monsoon Months
The winter months boast a nice weather, but you’ll need to be prepared for the cold temperatures. In the mountains, it snows every year, and sometimes it even blocks the roads. Now, the best time for a visit would be spring or autumn.

The Pros Of The Monsoon Months

The rainy season in Bhutan is not disastrous or anything like that, but it will be challenging. However, if you love to “fight” the eccentricity of the weather, you might just love it. As we usually like to say, there aren’t strict rules about traveling.

Every single month and/or season has its pros and cons. All you have to do is consider them both and decide for yourself whether you like the odds or not. The monsoon season in Bhutan will please you with the low rates on ticket and hotels. Plus, it will allow you to connect more with Mother Nature.

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