Rainy Season In Belize: Monsoon Months

The magnificent ecosystem and the rare animals/birds/ turn this country into a tourist magnet. The rainy season in Belize starts in May/June and lasts all the way up to December/January, covering most of the year.

Back in the day, Belize used to be called British Honduras, but today it’s a fully independent state. Fun fact: of all the countries in Central America, this one comes with the lowest-registered population density. Yet, with a total number of ~400K citizens, it’s still a wonderful place for a visit.

Insanely High Humidity Levels

September and October are the wettest months, while April is the driest one. It’s very warm in May and pretty cold in January. True, the temperature and rainfall averages might change from year to year. But Honduras usually sticks to these weather patterns.
Rainy Season In Belize Monsoon Months
Now, just like in the majority of Central American countries, high humidity levels are a regular thing here and the peaks reach 90-95%. Obviously, that’s way above our comfort zone and you shouldn’t even visit the place if you’re sensitive to humidity.

The Challenges Of The Rainy Season In Belize

On average, 85% is the lowest mark, which is still very high. So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen: this is the most important info about the country. The rainy season in Belize is one of the worst ones out there in terms of humidity. Plus, the roads get muddy, and you might experience some power cuts.

On the other hand, discounts of up to 25% and more still attract a decent number of tourists every single year. Should you follow their lead and do the same – travel during the monsoon months? Only you can answer that question!

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