Rainy Season In Bangladesh: Monsoon Months

AKA “The Country Of Bengal”, this is one of the fastest-growing South Asian nations. With a total population of 160+ million people, Bangladesh is a diverse, multi-cultural, and beautiful place. For the regular tourists, it’s attractive for the centuries-old architecture, the traditions, the customs, and many other things. The rainy season in Bangladesh starts in June and ends in October.

Flooding is a regular thing over there, and the closer you get to the coast, the more rainfall you’ll get. So be well prepared if you decided to travel in The Country Of Bengal. Monsoon is a tricky period of time in many countries and it is especially peculiar in Bangladesh.

The Horrors Of The Rainy Season In Bangladesh

By the way, back in 1998, almost 20 years ago, this country experienced the most devastating flooding ever. Almost 2/3rd of Bangladesh was underwater! Numerous citizens lost their homes and had to be evacuated. And, to this day, it’s very sensitive when it comes to climate change.
Rainy Season In Bangladesh Monsoon Months
So, you gotta watch out for those nasty “flips” in the weather patterns. The Feb-Dec period is considered to be the best one for a visit. Still, regardless of the month you travel, it will almost always be hot.

Picking The Best Month For A Visit

August is usually the wettest time of the year, while December is the driest one. If you love cooler temperatures, visit during January. On the other hand, if you’re a big fan of above-average temps, go with April. As you could expect, humidity levels are high during the rainy season in Bangladesh.

They reach 85%; thankfully, when the Jan-April period kicks in, the levels drop to 60-65%. The biggest downside to the monsoon season is that it rains almost every single day. It usually pours quite heavily, and the sun is covered with clouds most of the time.

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