Rainy Season In Bali: Monsoon Months

Bali is one of the most popular places to visit with your friends and family. It looks and feels like heaven on Earth, but what about the rainy season in Bali? Is the island as bright and shiny when the monsoons take over?

Now, Bali is famous for its tropical climate, and it’s either warm and dry or humid over there. It all depends on the season. If you’re not afraid to get soaking wet or risk getting overwhelmed by a downpour, you’ll be happy to learn interesting information about prices. They are quite low during the rainy season in Bali. In July-August, and December-mid January this county is crowded with tourist of all shapes and sizes and the prices are a bit steep.

Low Prices, Better Service, Fewer Tourists

Yet, for several reasons, visiting in April-May-June could be the best experience for you. This isn’t the high season. It means the streets will be half-empty and the prices will be affordable. It’s still the dry season and the air is clean and the sky is bright. Meanwhile, the hotel/room/villa prices are usually up to 50% cheaper (a 30% drop is guaranteed).

Furthermore, the vast majority of shops offer countless discounts, promotions and stuff like that. The diners/restaurants will be more than happy to welcome you. For some folks, the mid-season months are the best for taking a trip to Bali. It is especially true for those who appreciate the chill, lazy and laid-back feeling you get this time of the year. September and October are also pretty great, but they are slightly more rainy and humid.

The Rainy Season In Bali Monsoon By Months

How To Entertain Yourself In The Rainy/Mid-Season?

If you’re a big fan of water sports, you’re in luck. It is because these months are perfectly suited for some water-friendly games and activities, including surfing, diving, and more. The water here is clear and warm, but debris washed onto the lonely shores is also an ordinary thing in Jan-Feb. If you’re traveling with your family, make sure to check out the beautiful parks along with the fun activities. We especially recommend Bali Bird Park and Waterbom.

Your kids will most certainly fall in love with Bali after that! And, with fewer tourists and less noise, you’ll get to enjoy it all even more. Furthermore, the world-famous temples and other sightseeing spots are also at your disposal. So, if walking around, driving for hours and exploring this gorgeous island is your cup of tea, these months are simply ideal for that.

The High Season Vs. The Rainy Season In Bali

During the high season, the narrow streets are filled with folks, cars, and bicycles; but, in the “bad” months there’s less traffic and more room for you and your loved ones. True, some people like it when the roads are “swarming” with vehicles and the streets are filled with happy families – that does add a certain flavor to your trip. It all depends on what kind of a person you are. So, as you can see, during the rainy season Bali is still an awesome place to visit.

Food is cheaper, hotels are cheaper, folks are nicer and it feels like the whole country belongs to you. Yes, it does rain a lot, but only for a couple of hours, and you’ll get the rest of the day for sightseeing. Besides, it’s just water coming down from the sky, nothing to be afraid of. The rain is Bali is actually warm, and, given the fact that you’ll still get to enjoy almost everything that this country has to offer, the Bali rainy season is quite a nice time to visit.

Check an info about the rainy season in Indonesia, before you plan your journey.

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