Rainy Season In Bahamas: Monsoon Months

People really love to call The Bahamas heaven on Earth, and if you ever had a chance to spend some time there, you’ll definitely agree with that statement. Nassau, the capital, is equally beautiful and majestic. The summers there are hot and come with reasonable amounts of rain, while the winters are cooler and drier. You must not fear a rainy season In Bahamas.

Even after a downpour, the sun comes up pretty quickly, allowing you to go out for a walk or some “you time” on the beach. Same goes for the entire country. The rainy season in Bahamas starts in May and lasts all the way up to September, sometimes even October.

Beware Of The High Humidity Levels

June is the wettest month of the year and the most unpleasant one. Ever heard of uncomfortably high humidity levels? Well, you have now! As far as the driest month goes, February is the obvious champion. August, in turn, is the hottest month, while January is the coolest one. Pick a date between those two extremes and you’ll pretty much be fine :).
Rainy Season In Bahamas Monsoon By Months
The low season starts in late spring and lasts all the way up to early winter (Apr-Dec), and during that time, you’ll get to enjoy cool nights and tolerable days. If you’re not ready to waste your money on the more tourist-friendly months, remember that during the rainy season in Bahamas you’ll get to save at least 20% on the hotel rooms.

Enjoying The Rainy Season In Bahamas With Your Family

Some owners will even go further and offer you a 60% discount! a car/boat/whatever for hours.

During the high season (the winter), the “hordes” of tourists and the high prices might be a big turn-off. But, during the rainy season in the Bahamas (the summer), you can grab your entire family and head out for an awesome adventure! The downsides include closed attractions/festivals, fewer foreign folks to talk to, and constant repairs at the hotels.

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