Rainy Season In Australia: Monsoon Months

To many European and American citizens, Australia is an exotic country. It’s surrounded by the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. The climate over there is tropical and humid, with two distinct seasons – dry and wet. It’s worth mentioning that the rainy season in Australia is tricky and unpredictable.

The high season usually starts in December (that’s the first summer month over there). The May-June period, in turn, is when the tourist flow decreases.

The Diverse Australian Weather

In the north, the wet season begins in March. Keep in mind that the record-high humidity levels turn make part of the country unbearable. Besides, the hurricanes take all the fun out of the trip. The picture of the northern territories weather you can see below:
Rainy Season In Australia (North) Monsoon Months
The east coast is also pretty humid, but it’s actually quite enjoyable during the rainy season in Australia. Watch out for those downpours, though. That’s how the situation looks like by months:
Rainy Season In Australia (East) Monsoon Months
In the western regions, the summer is both hot and dry, and the Oct-May period is the best time to visit. The monsoon season kicks in June and lasts during the winter. The temperatures drop significantly, making your stay less than comfortable. Proceed to the picture below please for more information:
Rainy Season In Australia (West) Monsoon Months
In the south, it rains almost every single day, and the water temperatures are too low for a swim. The winters, in turn, are cold and windy. If you want more details, that new graphic below will help you very much:
Rainy Season In Australia (South) Monsoon Months

The Controversial Rainy Season In Australia

Finally, the central parts of the country are, in fact, one big desert. The rainy season in Australia barely if ever affects this region, as you can see looking at our last picture under this line:
Rainy Season In Australia (Central) Monsoon Months
So, as you can see, the monsoon months in this exotic country are challenging. But, if you do some careful planning, your trip will be unforgettable! All you have to do is be patient, take your time with picking just the right season to visit, and keep up with the forecasts.

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