Rainy Season In Aruba: Monsoon Months

This is a windy island, true, but the hurricanes rarely if ever reach it, which means the rainy season in Aruba is pretty comfy. Occasional storms do pass over, but they’re not particularly menacing :).

The hot weather and the high humidity levels are the real problems for the tourists. On the bright side, it doesn’t rain that often on this island, and the annual rainfall is well below the average levels. As a matter of fact, as far as the Caribbean islands go, Aruba is one of the driest ones. The rainy season in Aruba starts in October and lasts until January.

It’s Always Sunny And Hot

But, most of the rain comes in the form of heavy, yet short downpours during the night. December is considered to be the wettest month of the year, with an average rainfall of 80-90 mm.
Rainy Season In Aruba Monsoon Months
The bottom line is – you won’t ever be “locked up” in your hotel room praying for the rain to stop. Go out there and enjoy walks in the parks with your kids and romantic adventures with your soul mate!

The temperatures in Aruba are always above average, which means all those long sleeves should be left at home where they belong.

Learning To Love The Rainy Season In Aruba

Keep in mind, though, that the restaurant, cafe and casino owners really love their air conditioners. At times, they crank them up too much and it gets chilly. Make sure to put your sweater on if you feel like the chill is making you uncomfortable.

The sun comes around practically every single day – rejoice, fans of sunlight! As you can see, the rainy season in Aruba is not really that scary and has more than enough advantages for the regular tourists.

And don’t forget about the regular benefits of the wet months that include better prices, better service, and fewer visitors.

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