Rainy Season In Arizona: Monsoon Months

According to the forecasters, the rainy season in Arizona usually starts in the second half of June. It lasts all the way up to mid/late September. The NWS (National Weather Service) regularly updates the locals on the exact date when the wet season starts to keep everybody from harm’s way.

Now, the average number of rainy days is 56. It means you’ll still get some sunny days somewhere in the middle of the downpours. By the way, back in 1984, folks had 99 (!) monsoon days, but that’s more of an exception to the rule. The monsoon in Arizona usually is not so long.

The Downsides Of The Monsoon Months in Arizona

Keep in mind that during the rainy season in Arizona the weather really likes to act up. It is considered to be more severe and dangerous than in several other American States by a reason. Also, this time of a year called the thunderstorm period, it’s capable of generating strong, high winds, and heavy downpours that usually turn into flash floods.
Rainy Season In Arizona Monsoon By Months
Lightning strikes, hail, and messed up roads are also a big part of the wet season. It is nothing dramatic, really. But you still gotta watch out for the weather and grab your favorite rain jacket and/or umbrella with you.

The Benefits Of The Rainy Season In Arizona

On the bright side, the state really needs the rain and moisture to survive. Because of that the cooler days and nights are very welcome here. The rainy season in Arizona is not nearly as challenging as, say, in some South Asian countries; yet, you’ll still need to take some precautions.

The state is not really popular with tourists during the monsoon months, simply because it’s not particularly attractive then. But, if you love the smell of rain, the opportunity to take awesome pics, and enjoy significantly lower hotel prices, go ahead and book a room!

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