Rainy Season In Africa: Monsoon Months

When planning to visit a certain country/region, you should take the weather into consideration. Today we’ll focus on the rainy season in Africa.

The majority of African countries have only 2 (but pretty distinct) seasons, and those are the high and the low one. And the best months for travel depend heavily on what you’re expecting from your journey.

In some regions, nasty flooding and off-the-charts humidity levels turn the rainy season into a complete disaster, while other regions suffer from the burning sun and severe drought. That means you won’t be able to admire the lush greenery.

The rainy season in Africa is the best time for a visit if you want to check out the local flowers, bushes, trees, and enjoy the overall bright and beautiful sceneries.

Keeping Your Family Budget happy

Besides, if you’re traveling with your kids, pick a date during the monsoon season, as you’ll get to see many animals and birds that usually come around with the rainfalls.

The wet months offer lots of sunshine, and the rains are generally heavy but short. Furthermore, if you’re a bit low on the budget, you’ll be happy to learn that this time of the year, tickets and hotel rooms are cheaper than ever.

In WA (West Africa), the Nov-Apr period is known as the dry season, while humidity levels are still high. But, the roads are relatively “passable” and the bugs won’t drive you nuts. As for the rainy season in WA, it lasts from July all the way up to September. But that’s only true for the northern parts.

During The Rainy Season In Africa

The southern areas have not 1, but 2 rainy periods: Apr-Jul and Sep-Oct. Rains are usually pretty heavy but also short – they last for an hour or two. In extremely hot and humid countries, the rainy season in Africa is the right time for taking a trip, as the considerably lower temperatures make the climate enjoyable.
Rainy Season In Africa Monsoon By Months
The North-African region doesn’t really have a designated wet season, but it’s safe to say that the November-March season is when the rainfalls are particularly heavy. At the same time, areas close to the famous Sahara Desert receive almost no precipitation at all.

Still, if you want that adrenaline-pumping desert experience, this would be the best time to do travel. And the Egyptian tombs and pyramids are lovely during the rainy season in Africa as well.

Dry Safaris Vs. Lush Jungles And Forests

The East is also famous for having two wet seasons. The first one starts in April and ends in June, while the second one starts in late September/early October and lasts until December. During this period, the safari areas are green and beautiful, but they’re also less crowded.
Another big advantage is the significant drop in prices. A quick tip: during the monsoon season in Africa (Apr-Jun), make sure not to travel to the lush-yet-rainy rainforests in countries like Rwanda. The flooding, the downpours, and frustrating humidity will take all the fun out of your trip :).

And finally, the rainy season in Southern Africa starts in November and ends in March. This is actually the hottest period, so, watch out! Some of the best safari camps might be not available to you during the rainy season in Africa. On the other hand, other regions will look and feel like Paradise. Still, despite the humidity and constant thunderstorms, the Nov-Mar period is a high season in countries like SA (South Africa).

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