8 Rainy Season Tips For Everyone

Today we’ll share the best rainy season tips for you, ladies, and gents. There are two distinctive seasons in the majority of continents/regions/countries around the world – the dry one and the wet one. And while the monsoon does present various challenges for the regular tourists, it also has a lot of advantages.

The biggest one is, of course, the never-ending line-up of discounts (sometimes, you can save up to 50-60% on the tickets and hotels). For others, it is the opportunity to learn more about the culture, to watch the locals adapt to the weather and to check out the breath-taking sceneries is worth more than anything else in the world.

If you pick the wettest month, you’ll get the biggest drop in prices, but the constant rains, the humidity and the flooding (not to mention the power cuts in some Third World countries) might just ruin the fun for you.

Keep Your Personal Belongings Safe

1) So, choose the golden middle, a month(s) that is relatively dry (with 1-2hours of rain a day) and still comes with affordable prices. Check out our down-to-Earth and helpful posts on places to go in rainy season and find your perfect destination.

2) Now, if you want to enjoy the monsoon months to the fullest, you’ll have to dress accordingly. A pair of sandals on a rainy day and a fancy-yet-useless t-shirt will take all the fun out of your trip.

3) First things first, grab a waterproof pouch/purse that will keep your money, credit cards passport, tickets, and hotel passes dry. They don’t cost that much and you can even buy them online and have them delivered to your room. This is, in all fairness, one of the most important rainy season tips. A nice waterproof bag (made of plastic, for example) will also come in handy.

Practical Rainy Season Tips For Your Travels

4) Next, make sure to always have a nice poncho with you. In some countries, it’s almost impossible to guess whether it will rain or not, so, buy one at the local stores (they usually cost around $1) and put it in your pocket/bag. Trust us, you don’t want to be lost in the middle of a street without protection when it starts to pour from the sky.
8 Rainy Season Tips For Everione
A poncho is ideal for keeping yourself dry and having some fun while doing that. Or, you can just buy a rain jacket that’s equally effective and looks cool. It should be lightweight and made of synthetic fabrics (nylon, for example) because they are great during the wet months. Ok, let’s move on with our rainy season tips.

5) A hat/cap is not particularly effective, but it will at least keep your head dry and keep your eyesight clear.

Umbrellas, Boots, And Sweat Towels

6) More importantly, you should buy a nice pair of waterproof shoes that will make sure your feet are well protected. If you’re traveling to a tropical country, lightweight shoes will be perfect.

7) On the other hand, if you’re taking a trip to a colder place, consider picking up a pair of boots instead. A nice, affordable umbrella is a classic and the most important item after the pouch. Or, you can just stay in your room while it’s pouring and just go sightseeing in an hour or two, when it stops to rain.

8) But even if you decide to stay in the hotel, high humidity levels will make you go crazy, and the only thing that will help you out (along with a long shower) is a sweat towel.

Don’t take a regular towel from home with you – these ones are made of a different material. Alright, that’s it for our rainy season tips, dear readers. All you’ll really need to feel comfortable is a solid umbrella, some synthetic-made clothes and a bag/purse to keep your documents, cash, and personal belongings dry.

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